The Many Types of Fingers Mickey Mouse Has


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Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time. He has been featured in countless cartoons, movies, and TV shows. But there is one thing about Mickey that many people don’t know: he has a lot of different types of fingers! In this blog post, we will explore the various types of fingers Mickey Mouse has and how they have been used over the years.

1. The Three-Fingered Hand

The three-fingered hand is the most common type of hand that Mickey has. It is also the type of hand that most people are familiar with. This type of  how many fingers does mickey mouse have hand was first seen in the 1928 short film “Steamboat Willie.” It was also seen in subsequent shorts such as “Plane Crazy” and “The Gallopin’ Gaucho.” The three-fingered hand became so associated with Mickey that it was even used in his first feature-length film, “Fantasia.”

2. The Four-Fingered Hand

The four-fingered hand is less common than the three-fingered hand, but it has been used on several occasions over the years. One of the most notable times this type of hand was used was in the 1935 short film “The Band Concert.” This type of hand was also seen in the 1940 film “Fantasia” and in a few other shorts from the 1930s and 1940s.

3. The Five-Fingered Hand

The five-fingered hand is even less common than the four-fingered hand. It was first seen in the 1953 short film “The Simple Things.” This type of hand was also used in a few other shorts from the 1950s and 1960s.

4. The Six-Fingered Hand

The six-fingered hand is by far the rarest type of hand that Mickey has. It was only seen once in the 1966 short film “How to Play Baseball.” 

5. The Gloves

Mickey Mouse is also known for wearing gloves. In fact, he has been wearing gloves since his first appearance in “Steamboat Willie.” Over the years, Mickey has worn many different types of gloves, including white, red, and even blue.

6. The Bare Hands

There have also been a few occasions where Mickey has been seen with bare hands. One of the most notable times this happened was in the 1979 short film “The Shindig.”

7. The Mittens

Mickey has also been seen wearing mittens on occasion. This type of hand-wear was first seen in the 1932 short film “The Whoopee Party.” Mittens were also seen in a few other shorts from the 1930s and 1940s.

8. The Hands with Attached Objects

Finally, there have been a few occasions where Mickey has attached objects to his hands. This includes things like tools, balls, and even ice cream cones.


As you can see, Mickey Mouse has a lot of different types of fingers! Each type of finger has been used for different purposes over the years. Three-fingered hands are by far the most common, followed by four-fingered hands. Five- and six-fingered hands are much less common, but they are still used occasionally. No matter what type of fingers Mickey Mouse has, he always manages to make them work for him!


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